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Adventist  Beliefs  - Seventh-day Adventists love Jesus Christ and believe in the Bible. Find out all of the beliefs at this website.

Bibleinfo.com - (formerly Bible Information Online) is a web site for anyone who has spiritual yearnings or questions about the Bible. Counsel, direction, encouragement, and help -- all from the Bible -- is available here.[Image]

Bible Mysteries, Religious Oddities, and Fascinating Facts - A weekly web newsletter which is produced by Marvin Hunt, pastor of the Union, South Carolina Seventh-day Adventist Church.[Image]

Biblical Research Institute - Facts and brief commentary on current developments that relate to the Bible, theology, biblical studies, archaeological notes, and a variety of items of interest to Adventists[Image]

EGW Writings  A large compilation of writings where subjects or books can be found. 
Follow The Bible  A traveling bible that is being written around the world.

Hymns Alive   A dvd compilation of hymns for those in churches without musicians or those who love to hear hymns played so they can sing along.

Kid's View  An active website with mission stories, first person testimonies and other treasures.

Lake Union Conference Website  A website that lists events, allows prayers requests and has a media library.

SDAnet - An extensive compilation of information and links of interest to Seventh-day Adventists and our friends.

Adventist Missions
  Find new podcasts and stories of Adventist Missions around the world.

Adventist Robotics  An organization dedicated to increasing technology amongst SDA students.

Amazing Facts - Amazing Facts is an evangelistic dynamo dedicated to generating and spreading light. Jesus Christ is that Light - "the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world." John 1:9.  Doug Batchelor is the speaker-director.  

Geoscience Research Institute - A Seventh-day Adventist research institute which focuses on the integration of science and faith.

Great Controversy Club International 
- A new club dedicated to spreading The Great Controversy like "leaves of autumn".[Image]

Michigan Conference of Seventh-day Adventists - The coordinating organization for Seventh-day Adventist Churches in Michigan. This web site contains a directory of all SDA Churches in Michigan, information about SDA Schools, and much more.

Pathfinders Website  This website explains pathfindering for ages 10-16.

Search for Noah's Ark   A large compilation of recent and historical information regarding the search for Noah's ark from the Genesis flood story.[Image] 

SDA Digital Hymnal - A collection of MIDI renditions of hymns from our hymnal.
SDA Church Manual - Church policies and guidelines.
SDA General Conference - The world headquarters for Seventh-day Adventists.
SDA World Conference 2010 in Atlanta - The Seventh-day Adventist Church family of over 10 million members will be hosted its 58th world-wide General Conference Session in Atlanta, with a brochure you can download. Participants will include 2000 delegates participating in business sessions, plus thousands of visitors from almost two hundred countries of the world.